Kino MacGregor, London.

I’m writing this with the only things on my body that are currently not stiff and that’s the tips of my fingers (and ok yes the other one). This weekends Kino MacGregor yoga workshops in London are responsible and what workshops they were.!

Mrs Ollier and I left home on Friday morning walking to the bus stop and catching a bus into Wells, and then another from Wells to Bristol Temple Meads and on to a train to London Paddington and several tubes before eventually alighting at Covent Garden in torrential rain to then find the hotel on foot.
Covent Garden Underground is the one tube station in the capital that you wouldn’t want to alight from, as 193 steps up a pre war curly staircase are the method of alightenment, which includes, from most people, a one word exhalation on reaching the final step, that’s if you’re fit enough to be able to still utter anything but gasping air, as 193 steps is the equivalent of climbing to the top of a 15-storey building. It was later that we discovered that there were also lifts in place and we’d managed to miss the signs saying so, no doubt obscured by the constant throngs of travellers. Obviously.

We found our hotel and dropped our bags and yoga mats into the room, freshened up and wandered off out again to find the triyoga studio where we were later to attend the first of the three workshops, titled Burn Baby Burn.

The studio was right in the hub of Carnaby Street, the very same Carnaby Street of Beatles and Twiggy fame, which is in Soho and only a 1 mile – 20 minute walk away so rather than spend that 20 minutes descending those steps again, we decided to walk and four miles and two hours later arrived at the triyoga studio. (We had no idea where we went wrong but we managed to repeat that incorrectness twice more in the next 24 hours).

The people at triyoga studio ( were, as you’d expect for anything yogic, lovely and friendly. On peeping into a studio room I observed many yoga mats being laid out by a member of staff which prompted a question from me, ‘so you don’t need to bring your own yoga mat then?’. ‘No’, the lovely, smiley lady replied. My yoga mat is, of course, of the eco variety and made of 100% natural rubber and therefore a tad heavy and it had spent the day, unnecessarily it now turns out, with me on two buses, a train, lots of tubes and their attending stairs and lengthy walking tunnels including the 193 steps. ‘Oh’, I said.
We left, only to return a few hours and two Chai Latte’s later, quite knackered, for the intense first class from Kino.

Kino MacGregor is a funny yoga teacher as in she is very comical – at least to anyone on a yoga trip. She is also extremely knowledgable, confident and true to the practice. When she was just 29 she became the youngest woman, and one of only a select group of people, to receive the Certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga by its founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India.

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Suffice to say this class did certainly burn, developed to awaken the inner fire by using the Mulabandha, the root lock, and within an hour I was pulling up my anus, lifting my perineum and testicles, squeezing in my lower belly and drawing in the space between my pubic bone and sacrum, all at the same time, and what a heat that created and I felt amazing, we both did. (Please note Mrs Ollier didn’t have to raise her testicles, using instead the cervix – just in case you were wondering).
We later left the studio to be enveloped in the crazy, hedonistic, Friday night shenanigans of London as we drifted hazily through Soho, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Covent Garden. Wall to wall people all the way. Every single pub and bar crammed inside and 30 foot outside. London has seemingly not had a recession.

Another Chai Latte stop and then to bed and up early for yet another Chai Latte before a full primary series talk through in the morning. The Chai, on top of the bottle of water I had for breakfast turned out to be an oversight as I had to pee three times in the half hour before the class and I wanted to go again just as Kino entered the room, but it was clear that nobody was leaving this class until it was over and done and so I began Surya Namaskara A (Sun Salutation A) trying desperately not to think of waterfalls or running taps and when it all finished two hours later I didn’t even need to go as I think my urine had evaporated through my head.

        This photo, taken by Kino, is the only picture ever taken of me in a yoga class. I am the right foot, ankle and lower leg in the bottom right hand corner.

After a lunch break (we had a Chai Latte) there was a brilliant three-hour afternoon workshop on arm balancing and near the end Kino suggested that when back at home we all do one full minute each day in Bakasana, the crow posture, before she had us all do a full minute right there and then. Well, that worked!

Sadly we had to leave after the class to get the 7pm train back to Bristol and therefore missing a Mysore session in the morning and a back bends workshop in the afternoon which I was a bit done about as I do a weekly Mysore session with my wonderful Glastonbury teacher and it’s always my favourite class so to do one with Kino adjusting would have been a great extra dimensional experience – but on waking this morning I was having more than a jot of trouble reaching for my socks – and they were on a shelf!

Kino teaches classes worldwide and particularly at her home in Miami where she is co founder of the Miami Life Center – and if you ever get the chance or opportunity, I would seriously recommend treating yourself.

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18 thoughts on “Kino MacGregor, London.

  1. It really was an awesome weekend. Such a shame you could’t make today…Backbending was amazing and got so close to dropping back unaided. As for the bruises and the stiffness…I’ll let you know tomorrow.


      1. hi it is my first post on this blog and in the begining I would like to thank for the great inafmrotion, which I found in this and all previous posts , it really helped me very much. I will definitely iclude this website on my rss reader Also, I would like to ask – don’t you mind if I will quate some inafmrotion from your website because I am writing articles for the Associated Content, Ezine and other articles directories (this is my part time job)? It would really help me with some of mine articles. Of course, I will mention your website name or URL (not all articles directories allows URL’s , so I can’t 100% promise that you will get a direct backlink to your blog).


  2. I also did the Friday night workshop – it was amazing! I found Kino so inspiring – she is so funny and likable but also so passionate and knowledgable about ashtanga. Unfortunately by time I came to book, the rest of the weekend was fully booked – sounds like I missed out! I really hope I get the chance to practice with Kino again – very much hoping that she will come to London again. And hopefully by then I will be more advanced in my practice and able to hold bakasana for 1min (at the moment I can manage about 2 seconds!)


    1. Just go for an extra second each day 🙂
      Yes, I hope she re-visits the UK next year and I’ll definitely book the whole weekend. Coming away was like leaving an amazing party at 9pm !


    1. OK I realize that this was months ago….did I read it then? Surely I did, I love your posts… but did I chuckle then as much as I did today when I re-read it (or read it for the first time ha one never knows w/me) anyway. It’s Awesome. I had the pleasure (twice) of taking workshops with Manu Jois and yep he kick my over 45 (at the time of the workshops over 50 now), power yoga loving, aerobics teaching, yoga teacher ASS. I had not done what I lovingly call “full blown Ashtanga” what I mean by that is a class from someone who is trained in the Jois

      lineage. I thought “soooo whats the dif, no big deal right, power yoga, Ashtanga, its all the same” ppffffft, to that I say ppfffffft. So I completely sympathize with the whole sock thing. Only for me it was my hair, I actually thought I was ok the day after until I discovered that my hair brush weighed 15 lbs and that to not only lift it but to weld it effectively required that I move my arms, which I could not do.


    2. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but fillany decided to show my appreciation of your work!Thumbs up, and keep it going!Cheers, Christian


  3. Thank You ! 🙂
    I dread every Ashtanga class but also secretly love them. I now do three Ashtanga classes a week, two led, one mysore and that seems to allay any stiffness. One doesn’t do it, neither does two – but three does – but dare to miss a week and its as if I’ve never been!
    I went to a zen yoga class tonight and that is totally chilled but still a good sweaty stretch with the added nidra at the end.
    Have you ever been to a Kundalini class? They purport to be the ‘true’ yoga but whatever, they are amazing. Not only a body and mind workout but a soul one too!
    Thanks for reading my blogs 🙂


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