The Human Test

The UK has on its streets, in every town and city, Big Issue sellers. The Big Issue offers people who are homeless the opportunity to earn their own money; a livelihood.  The Big Issue Foundation offers vendors the opportunity of a life. They work tirelessly alongside the vendors to help them deal with the issues that have caused their homelessness or have developed as a result of hitting the streets.

Big Issue blog

The way we can experience the feeling of shame (if buying clothes from Primark hasn’t ignited a conscience) is to realise that those people selling that Big Issue, as mentioned in another post, could very, very easily be your mum, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandchild or of course even you – and the way the world is going currently, that is a possibility. Knowing that and then walking past a seller should, if of course you are human ignite that spark of shame and prove you are not an alien. What reasons do people possibly delude themselves with to justify walking past?


“Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up. As you go about your daily life please do stop and say hello to a vendor, buy a magazine” ~The Big Issue Foundation.  – besides, it’s a bloody good *weekly* read!

6 thoughts on “The Human Test

  1. I love buying this magazine. The people who sell them are always so friendly and each has a story 🙂


    1. yes it’s true. The mag is excellent and there is always something to read you won’t find anywhere else plus it’s a bit of a ‘time out’ for one’s locale and each seller does indeed have a life story of interest


  2. I am a support worker at a charity for young people. homelessness and mental health issues is the main reason for it growing over the last 20 years. Compassion for them indeed, it could be any one of us.


  3. You’ve inspired me to check out whatever publication is being sold by what looks like homeless people or former inmates at our local farmer’s market. Will get back to you …


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