Love cannot be visual as that would dismiss the blind
or audible as that would omit the deaf.

Love cannot be speakable as that would exclude the mute
or scented as that would eliminate cocaine users.

Love is not unconditional as that is still a condition.
It’s not in the body or the heart or the mind.

It’s not even a word.

Love cannot by anywhere – but only everywhere – all the time.
Ignoring that fact is the cause of all wars.

2 thoughts on “Love

  1. Reblogged this on Karin Schlüter and commented:
    A beautiful blog by my ex-neighbour Kevin Ollier. I’m just getting over his and his lovely family moving away from our neighbourhood, and that’s at least five years ago! Enjoy this love-poem. Kevin has been a guestblogger before, check his post out. Have a fine day!


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