Until The Sun Comes Up ….

Trippin’ Thru.

For all the hikes and walks that I’ve done with family and mates over the years – in stunning wildernesses and route paths – there is nothing quite as wonderful as city walks. Hiking the side of the Thames through London is exhilarating and walking a route through San Francisco and Barcelona are unforgettable sojourns that seem to throw up a wonderment around every corner, trudging through different neighbourhoods and gliding through the usual tourists at the hotspots. Walking the strip through Vegas without entering one casino is a trial but the free roadside light and firework shows, the displays of visual and audible technology and the transient, illusory nature of it all is perfectly divine!

However the best city walk done so far and up there amongst any wilderness walk was an unplanned walk in L.A.

We were on the last furlong home from a road trip through California to catch the flight out of LAX and it worked out that we needed to find some solid lodgings for a few nights after relinquishing our mobile tent back at JucyRV hire. So late on a sultry Friday night searching for rooms we happened on a classic motel in the city (for classic, think Bates) and the next morning we decided to walk out to the sea front – which unknowingly was a straight 5 miles down one road which by chance happened to be the Crow famed Santa Monica Boulevard – and then at night, under darkness, we walked it all the way back. The sites and sights we saw, the differences from one traffic light to another, the amazing cafes and shops, the yoga centres and natural health clinics, the down and outs, the spangly rich and the abundance of a much more shouty and pointy class of psychopath than the UK can offer, battling for the deranged crown.

All I wanna do is have some fun until the sun comes up on the Santa Monica Boulevard……..


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