Mindfukness #1

Mindfukness #1
Antares is visible in the Southern sky
Antares is 700 times the size of our Sun and our Sun is 109 times the size of the Earth.
Antares is 619 light years away.
If you were to travel just 1 light year away maintaining a constant speed of 60mph, 24/7 it would take you 11,173,380 years (11 million YEARS) without stopping to reach it.
That’s just 1 light year away.
That reddish faint star outside is 619 light years away so therefore keeping a constant 60mph would take 6,916,706,000 years to reach it (6 billion, 916 million)
The dinosaurs died out just 64 million years ago. Yesterday by comparison.
Light actually travels at 186,000 miles per SECOND meaning that the light you are actually seeing from Antares, right this minute, left the star 619 years ago when it was AD 1399 on Earth.


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