What is Yoga?

You cannot, by definition take a photograph of yoga anymore than you can take a picture of a dream. And whether you have long or short hair or wear a Saddhu beard or are clean shaven or dress in woolly Ecuadorian coats (fleece lined or not), play the pan pipes, eat only gluten free, sport Ganesh tattoos or are able to do a turn on a didgeridoo whilst juggling flames does not make you more spiritual or yogic 'than thou'.

Yoga. Why?

 following on from https://kevollier.com/2015/05/25/so-18-years-on-to-be-a-yoga-teacher/ I think my decision to do the teacher training has brought up a lot of questions, particularly the one that will I ever teach? I'm not sure I will. I have no intention to but then I hear so many teachers say that they said the same thing right up until … Continue reading Yoga. Why?

So 18 years on, to be a Yoga teacher……….

Today, approximately 18 years after entering my first yoga class I am filling in the form to take the 200 hours teacher training. This, has been a difficult and soul-searching decision to say the least. It was all those years ago and being the owner of a security alarm business that stress got the better … Continue reading So 18 years on, to be a Yoga teacher……….

Still My Guitar Gently Weeps

following on from https://kevollier.com/2014/07/25/rishikesh/ Rishikesh before the arrival of The Beatles in 1968 was pretty much unknown to Westerners but there is no doubting that it was indeed this visit by the Fab Four that put Rishikesh, Meditation and Yoga onto the current mainstream map. The Beatles, simply put, is why Rishikesh is what it … Continue reading Still My Guitar Gently Weeps

Rishikesh! Yoga capital of the world

following on from https://kevollier.com/2014/07/02/beggars/ The bus from hell pulled in at Dehra Dun at 5 in the morning and still being 10 miles from Rishikesh allowed taxi drivers to take advantage, or try to at least. They should understand that after the last 14 hours my inner yogi had gone awry and I was left … Continue reading Rishikesh! Yoga capital of the world

Why the yoga mat is undermining your practice – Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper. Probably the most down to Earth, un-fluffy, says it how it is, yoga teacher on the planet ruffles feathers with the yoga science of the non - mat. copied directly from http://loveyogaanatomy.com/attached-to-your-mat-why-the-yoga-mat-is-undermining-your-practice/   Attached to your mat? Why the yoga mat is undermining your practice By Brian Cooper PhD and Chris Norris PhD … Continue reading Why the yoga mat is undermining your practice – Brian Cooper

I am not a Buddhist – McLeod Ganj

following on from https://kevollier.com/2014/05/10/delhi-to-mcleod-ganj/ 'I am not a Buddhist' were words I heard myself uttering at the end of our three day stay in the home of the Dalai Lama - the town of Mcleod Ganj not the big man's house itself of course. We dropped our backpacks into the Pink House Hotel, had a … Continue reading I am not a Buddhist – McLeod Ganj

Glastonbury to Delhi

After our last trip to India in 2012 we decided not to ever again sleep overnight on chairs at Gatwick or any other airport and so we booked in at a nearby Gatwick Hotel which is a 10 minute shuttle from the hotel door to the North Terminal. The staff here were lovely but for … Continue reading Glastonbury to Delhi

Kino MacGregor Primary Series DVD review

At Amazon UK the amazon link I have been practicing yoga for 15 years now with the last six of those being Ashtanga with a teacher who some consider to be one of the best Ashtanga teachers in the UK - Jane Piddington, who teaches in and around Glastonbury. So my bar is already high. … Continue reading Kino MacGregor Primary Series DVD review

Avocado Yoga. The Perfect Day

There are more than quite a few people who think that Avocado is a Spanish resort or an Italian motorbike and others that would swear it's a style of zumba. The rest of us know it as that fruit that unless it has a label that says 'ready to eat' is a lottery to when … Continue reading Avocado Yoga. The Perfect Day

Embrace Your Inner Biker

I had a nice surprise this evening to discover that a letter I sent to BIKE magazine, Britain's best selling motorcycle mag that also goes out to the US,  made 'Star Letter' in the December issue. The original unedited version ... So here I am, back on a bike after 28 years and maybe I'm … Continue reading Embrace Your Inner Biker

Yoga Biking

As I understand things, all spiritual teachings are taught, essentially, to allow one to strive for one thing, stillness of mind.  Yoga Asanas are there, as just one limb of eight, to prepare the body for meditation so that it can sit as still and as comfortably as possible without having ones legs turn blue … Continue reading Yoga Biking

Yoga mat death?

Yogi David Williams once referred to fellow yogi and teacher Brian Cooper as "the real thing. If you get a chance to study with this man do it!". I have studied with him on three occasions so far, all in Glastonbury UK, and I can thoroughly recommend that anyone on the path of yoga takes … Continue reading Yoga mat death?

Kino MacGregor – Bad Girl Yogi

It had to happen and it has. The holier than thou brigade have fired their angry arrows at the rising star of Ashtanga Yoga, Kino Macgregor, and they've thrown these white hot coals because Kino, in their opinion, is not adhering to the yoga philosophy laid down thousands of years ago and that's the point, it … Continue reading Kino MacGregor – Bad Girl Yogi

The British Buddhist Holy Isle.

On the 18th April 1992 Buddhist Lama Yeshe Rinpoche bought a whole island off the coast from the Island of Arran which in turn is off the coast of Scotland. It is called Holy Isle and must not be visited, indeed given the widest possible birth, if you can’t cope with peace, beauty, tranquility and … Continue reading The British Buddhist Holy Isle.

Kino MacGregor, London.

I’m writing this with the only things on my body that are currently not stiff and that’s the tips of my fingers (and ok yes the other one). This weekends Kino MacGregor yoga workshops in London are responsible and what workshops they were.! Mrs Ollier and I left home on Friday morning walking to the … Continue reading Kino MacGregor, London.

Yoga Books

My qualification for this blog is that I've been practicing yoga for fifteen years, the last five of those being Ashtanga and also a dusting of Kundalini. I've been reading books associated with yoga for over twenty years and I thought I'd let everyone in on what I think are amongst the best books available … Continue reading Yoga Books

Partying Yogi.

That's the point I find myself and dare I add, 'yet again'. I've been partaking in the practice of yoga, at least the Asana or posture 'limb' for fifteen years now and it has indeed brought on profound changes in that time. But at the ripe old age of 47 and now four months a … Continue reading Partying Yogi.